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  • The Study Handbook
    The Study handbook is a bit of a checklist and a support during your education.
  • Study counselling
    If you have any thoughts or questions concerning your study situation, you are welcome to contact study counsellor at your faculty or the teacher education.
  • The Student Welfare Office
    The Student Welfare Office offers professional support free of charge in case you are not feeling well. They also offer courses in stress management, speech anxiety, procrastination behavior, yoga, etc.
  • Studying with a disability
    Are you in need of support due to a disability? Contact our coordinator for students with a disability to see whether you can get pedagogical support during your studies.
  • Career Centre
    The Career Centre is available to you regarding questions related to internships, jobs and careers. Among other things, they offer career counselling, support with CV writing and personal letter, as well as the opportunity to take part in the mentor programme and other activities that will help you prepare yourself for your future work life.
  • Career Portal
    No matter where you are in your studies, the Career Portal will offer a range of career options for you. You can find opportunities for degree projects and ideas for theses, national and international internships, side jobs and summer jobs during your studies, and post-graduation jobs. Please create your profile on the Career Portal.
  • Rights and responsibilities
    As a student at Linnaeus University, you have rights and responsibilities. It is important that you feel safe and that you are treated fairly. If you experience discrimination, harassment or victimization, here is information on how to file a report.
  • Linnaeus Union
    The Linnaeus Union represents all students at Linnaeus University. They work to make sure that your time as a student will be as good as possible. Please also take part of the information on cheating and plagiarism.
  • Ladok for students
    Register in your course here
  • Service and support for students
    Here you can learn more about what we offer, what your rights are as a student and how to contact us.

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