Once you have got access to the course offerings from the host university, you should contact your program manager and agree on which courses you should study during the exchange and which fit into your education. You must then be able to provide information about the course content in order for the program manager to be able to make an assessment of what works for your education. Once you have orally or via email agreed on which courses you should apply for, you can start filling in your LA. 

  • Students who are going on exchange through an Erasmus agreement fill in a Digital Learning Agreement through Mobility Online. See the student guide for instructions.

  • Students who are going on exchange through a bilateral agreement or through ISEP or USAC (i.e. not going on exchange through Erasmus) should in most cases fill in their Learning Agreement using the word template. see Learning Agreement word template
In the Learning Agreement presentation you find information on how to fill in your Learning Agreement.

If you are unsure which type of Learning Agreement you shall use, you can ask International Office.

If you have questions about the course selection, how to fill in your Learning Agreement/DLA you can contact the faculty coordinator Katarina Rönndahl (katarina.ronndahl@lnu.se or ftk.outexchange@lnu.se) 

    Sign and send the Learning Agreement:

•DLA: Click on ”Final check before signing” and read through the document. If everything is correct you click on ”Sign and Transfer” to sign your Learning Agreement. To send the Learning Agreement to the program manager (academic), you have to go back to your workflow and click on ”Submit course selection to the academic”.

•Non Erasmus students/LA on paper: print or sign digitally your Learning Agreement and get the signature from your program coordinator and faculty coordinator. Attach the course syllabus/course descriptions to your Learning Agreement. Send the signed Learning Agreement to the faculty coordinator (katarina.ronndahl@lnu.se or ftk.outexchange@lnu.se  )


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