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This information is for the students accepted to Energy and Management for Sustainable Development, Master Programme, TAEH2 at the Faculty of Technology.


Dear students,

I am delighted to welcome you to the Energy and Management for Sustainable Development Master Programme. This program aims to equip you with the knowledge and skills needed to tackle the complex challenges of sustainability and energy management in today's world.

Throughout this programme, you will learn about various environmental paradigms, tools for environmental analysis, life cycle analysis, environmental innovations, and environmental accounting. These topics are essential for making informed environmental decisions that will benefit our society and the planet.

We will also explore the importance of green financing, which is key to enabling inclusive growth and accelerating the shift toward a resource-efficient society. We will learn how the private sector can use climate-smart technologies, scale-up capabilities, transformative innovations, and green capital to meet sustainability challenges.

Furthermore, we will discuss the external reporting of energy- and sustainability-related actions and how it extends the accountability of companies to the society in which they operate. We will also analyze various energy policy instruments and innovation strategies and their impact on investment decisions and public behavior from a sustainability perspective.

Our interdisciplinary and experienced team of professors and experts will guide you through the courses, and we will complement them with guest lectures from industry, governmental and non-profit organizations.

We are excited to welcome you on board this journey and look forward to the stimulating discussions and insights that you will bring to the classroom.

Please visit https://lnu.se/en/education/Before-your-studies/ for general information from Linnaeus University and visit  Energy and Management for Sustainable Development, Master Programme to know more about the programme.

Career opportunities

We strongly believe, our Students will become attractive on the labour market and can, among other things, work as:

  • Sustainability manager
  • Energy and environmental engineer
  • Energy system planner
  • Energy strategist
  • Environmental coordinator
  • Environmental investigator
  • Energy project manager
  • Product development analyst

Student guide
Student guide Faculty of Technology

Syllabi/ Literature 
Please visit:
Course and programme syllabi

The first courses are:

4BT301 - Energy and Climate

4BT012  - Diffusion of Innovations for a Sustainable Built Environment

See Lnu.se/en/student for information on when the courses start. If you cannot participate on campus due to the pandemic, you should participate on distance, following your digital classrooms.

More information

Please get in touch with us if you have any questions or thoughts on your studies.

• If your questions are related to administrative issues related to the program, you can contact Anki Lektorp, anki.lektorp@lnu.se

• For general questions regarding studies at Linnaeus University, please contact internationalstudents@lnu.se

• For questions regarding admission to Linnaeus University, please contact admission@lnu.se

• For questions regarding social matters related to your study period at Linnaeus University, please contact studcoord@linnek.se.


New students admitted to Linnaeus University must register to keep the study Late registration is not possible! If you do not register in Ladok, you will lose your admission to the programme. Registration means that you participate in the courses, and you cannot request a refund after registration. 

Best regards,

Brijesh Mainali
Associate Professor
Department of Built Environment and Energy TechnologyFaculty of Technology
Programme Manager of Energy and Management for Sustainable Development, Master Programme.
+46 (0) 470 708221
Linnaeus University: 0772-28 80 00

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