You have been admitted to the master program ‘Innovation through Business, Engineering and Design’ also known as IM, the innovation master.

You are receiving this letter from the three program coordinators, as you are one of the selected Business, Engineering, or Design students starting in Autumn 2024 if you accept your place.

We look forward to meeting you for two years of inspiring challenges in different courses across the three disciplines of Business, Engineering, and Design that make the core of this multidisciplinary master’s program in Innovation. Through multicultural and interdisciplinary teams, you are going to develop a deep understanding of the theoretical and practical aspects related to innovation and sustainable systems across the 3 disciplines. In addition, you will work on multidisciplinary teams on different projects with continuous guidance from teachers and industry experts from our local and global networks. A student’s life is intensive, and teamwork is demanding but also fun! You will train for multidisciplinary skills and develop individual reflections regarding the learning goals and processes. We believe that the program will prepare you well as an industrious and ambitious professional.

The general planning for the orientation of the program is as below:

Program introduction and orientation: This orientation meeting will take place on Monday September 2nd 2024, at 09:15 in room N1037 in Building N at the Växjö Campus. We will register you on this day and start immediately with the “Academic Culture Week”, to present to you the foundations of your future studies. You will also have opportunity to present yourself to your peers and tutors.

What you need to do: You need to register to two courses to make the total of 30 credits which is the total for the semester.

1.     Local Innovation (Business= 4FE164, Engineering= 4TS044 or Design= 4DI714) and 

2.     Innovation Methods and Tools (B= 4FE165, E= 4TS045 or D= 4DI715),

It is not possible to arrive later than September 2nd to attend the program, as we will decide the Autumn innovation teams during the first week. The first Innovation projects start in collaboration with IKEA on Monday 9th September, 2024.

Important steps:

Admissions: Please do not forget to accept your admission at If you already know that you will not attend the program, please notify us by email (see them below) as soon as possible. The innovation master has its own studio, and we need know how many places to arrange for the teams.

You should, by now, be able to access our program site also on the LNU website. Information on the webpage will be updated continuously. Please also join us on our Facebook page at, and on our LinkedIn page at

Tuition fee: More information about tuition fees can be found at:

Student account and register: You must have a student account in order to register. On you will find information on how to get one. You must register in order to start studying on the programme/course to which you have been admitted.

Course literature: Your reading list can be found in your course/programme syllabus, which you find here: Type in the course code or the name of the course in the search bar to access your syllabus. If more than one version is available, choose the latest one.

Link to schedule of the program/courses: Schedule

Reaching the campus: If you want to reach your respective coordinator, you can do so by email. The Växjö Campus of the Linnaeus University lies in the Teleborg area of Växjö. If you come by train, the easiest way is to take the bus no. 3 from the bus station aside the train station. The bus will take you to the university.

Hindrance: If you cannot take part in the course/programme introduction, please contact:

For Business students:
Soniya Billore, Program Coordinator Business

For Engineering students:
Peter Lerman, Program Coordinator Engineering

For Design students:
Miguel Salinas, Program Coordinator Design


More information
In case you have any questions, please contact your programme/course coordinator via email. Same as above.

Linnaeus University’s switchboard: +46772-28 80 00

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