Welcome to Linnaeus University and the Master Programme in Information Systems

This information is for students accepted for the Master Programme in Information Systems (1 or 2-year programme) in the Faculty of Technology, Department of Informatics.

My name is Jaime Campos, and I am the co-ordinator of the one-year as well as two-year Master’s Programme in Information Systems. This letter contains general information and some essential links related to the content of the programme.


Checklist for new students:

Please, visit

(1)   https://lnu.se/en/education/Before-your-studies/


(2)   https://lnu.se/en/student/new-student/


Introduction to the programme:

Om the 2 of September, 10.30 - 12.00

Växjö Campus, for the campus students.

Classroom:  D0073V 


Introduction to the programme

If you are not able to participate in the Introduction to the programme, you must email me in advance. In addition, you must register on the course or programme to which you have been admitted. If you miss the registration, you may lose the chance of being admitted to the programme. (/lose your admission to the programme.) You will find the link for the registration below:



Late registration is not possible! If you do not register in Ladok, you will lose your admission to the programme. Registration means that you participate in the courses, and you cannot request a refund after registration. 

The first courses are:

·  4ik510 Fundamentals of Information Systems (IS) 15 credits, course code 4IK510 Course teacher: sarfraz.iqbal@lnu.se

·  4IK524 Methodologies and Methods within Informatics. Course teacher: pavi.jokela@lnu.se

·  5IK502 Contemporary issues in IS research and development, Course teachers: soumitra.chowdhury@lnu.se  and david.randall@lnu.se

In addition, see Lnu.se and/or Lnu.se/student for information when the courses start.  If you miss these dates, you need to email the course teacher in charge.

Moreover, on the links above, see the menu on the right side of the page in order to find most of the information a new student might need.

Web services

A number of services are available as soon as you get your student account; see “More information” on the next page. Many things can be done at the student section of Lnu.se/student, for example:


 ·         IT support

·         How to get a Student account - support and guides

·         Student email - support and guides

·         Learning platform

·         The student union at Linnaeus University

·         Scholarships, etc.


The programme syllabus is the official document that guides the teaching of the programme and its courses, i.e. see below the content of the syllabus.





More information about the programme can be found on the University web page

Equipment for the distance students

It is important that the distance students follow the lectures through our e-learning platform as well as use a headset and not the built-in microphones and speakers of their computer. A typical headset diminishes the echo enabling us to hear each other’s voice clearly, which increases the quality of our communication. Furthermore, you should also equip yourself with a web camera.

Consequently, this is an important part of the Master Programme to be able to use the headset and e-learning platform properly, since our programme is partly for distance studies. See also the section “Information on distance courses” on the next page.


Orientation for international students is offered before the start of the courses and information is sent out by international office: More info here.

Career possibilities

After the education you could work with projects with the purpose to plan, design and introduce information systems intended to development businesses or organizations.

Student guide

Student guide Faculty of Technology

Visa information
As an International student enrolled at Linnaeus University, you might have to obtain a residence permit for studies in Sweden. For more information, please visit

Contact us

Please, contact us if you have any questions or thoughts regarding your studies.

All questions about the admission issues should be sent to admission@lnu.se

and all questions about the free mover issues to freecoord@linnestudenterna.se

If your questions are about the programme, you can contact me through

Email: jaime.campos@lnu.se

If you have more general questions that aren’t answered in the section “For new students” at our website Lnu.se and/or Lnu.se/student, you can send an email to teknik@lnu.se

See you this autumn!

Jaime Campos

Programme co-ordinator


More Information

Prior to the course start, there are a number of things you need to know as a new student at Linnaeus University. Everything you need to know can be found through the link “Student at Lnu” at our website Lnu.se.

Do not miss the information for new students there! Last but not least, it is important that right at the course/programme start you obtain a student account. The preliminary student account can be obtained starting from mid-August.

Master Programme in Information Systems Included courses:

Two-year Master Programme in Information Systems, 2024–2025–2026


Autumn 2024

Spring 2025

Fundamentals of Information Systems (IS) 15 credits, course code 4IK510


Big Data in Organizations, Business and Society; 15 credits; course code 4IK504

Information Systems Methodology, 7,5 credits; course code 4IK524

Contemporary issues in IS research and development, 7,5 credits; course code 4IK509

Digital Environments: Information Society and Internet of Things; 15 credits; course code 4IK506


Autumn 2025

Spring 2026

Systemic Perspectives on Digital Transformation, 7.5 credits, course code 5IK505

Digital Capability for Organizational Agility, 7.5 credits, course code 5IK506




Degree project in Informatics at Master

level, 30 credits; course code 5IK10E

Theories of IS 7.5 credits



Elective courses of 7, 5 credits.



One-year Master Programme in Information Systems, 2024–2025


Autumn 2024

Spring 2025

Fundamentals of Information Systems (IS) 15 credits, course code 4IK510


Big Data in Organizations, Business and Society; 15 credits; course code 4IK504

Information Systems Methodology, 7,5 credits; course code 4IK524

Contemporary issues in IS research and development, 7,5 credits; course code 4IK509

Degree project in Informatics at Master

level, specialization in Information Systems; 15 credits; course code 4IK10E



Information on distance courses

Students must have a computer and bandwidth enough for audio and video conferencing, a headset for sound quality and a web camera for enabling visual communications. If the proper equipment is not used, the quality of the interaction might be so bad that examination activities cannot be carried out to a satisfactory level. These will then be cancelled, and the student will have to retake the examination at a later occasion when appropriate technological equipment is in place.

Teaching is supported by video conferencing, i.e. Zoom Video Communications.

Examination seminars can be carried out by using Zoom, as mentioned above. If the presentation fails due to some technical problems, the student must redo the seminar.

Best Regards,

Jaime Campos

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