Welcome to the Master program in work and organizational psychology!

We hope you will enjoy your studies at our psychology department and that we will have an educational and rewarding time together. With this message we wish to inform you about the most necessary information you need before the start.  

First of all, you should be aware of the way information is communicated to you. University-wide (i.e., general information) is communicated directly through LNU webpage. However, almost everything that's specifically relevant for you is communicated through our learning platform: MyMoodle.

On MyMoodle the teachers will be linking to study guides, answer questions, link to other material (e.g., online lectures). Itäs also the basis for the communication between students and teachers. 

All courses will publish their content on MyMoodle when the course starts. It's important to always check the information there. Sometimes schedules, literature etc., changes. A good routine is to always start your morning with logging in and checking MyMoodle for updates!

Program introduction

The program starts with an introduction meeting on the 28th of August at 10:15 - 12:00. The course intro of the first course follows that afternoon. There will be a link to the time and the place through our scheduling service (time edit) directly on the program landing page. On the course intro you will meet me (Rickard), the case study organisation coordinator (Maria) and the course coordinator for the first course (also Maria). I'll see you again in the course that follows that (Scientific Method).

In this first meeting, we want to welcome you all, make a presentation of the program and introduce ourselves. You are also invited to present yourself very briefly. 

Hopefully, you have by that time managed to organize your accommodation and student account. In addition, we would like you to acquire the literature for the first course, since the course starts right away. During this course, we will also be introducing you to what it means studying at Linnaeus University, what opportunities exists for your time here to be a great experience.

In all universities in Sweden students are responsible to find their own accommodation. For more information in this regard kindly visit: Please visit: https://lnu.se/en/education/Before-your-studies/

If you need help finding your way around campus, see our map at: https://lnu.se/en/meet-linnaeus-university/contact-and-visit-us/map/

Pay your tuition fees

Some of you have to pay a tuition fee. It is important to pay your tuition fee in order to be registered and be able to start. Information about tuition fees can be found at: www.lnu.se/en/student/new-student/tuition-fees-and-scholarships/

You can also email tuitionfees@lnu.se if you have any questions.

Student account and registration

As a student admitted to Linnaeus University you will need a student account to be able to register, log on to the computer network, access course materials, e-mail and other IT services at Linnaeus University. 

On www.lnu.se/en/student/new-student/ you will find information on how to get your student account. You must register in order to start studying on the program.

Make sure that you are registered to the program (SAPS2) and the first course.

Syllabi and Literature 

Please visit: Course and programme syllabi

Type in the course code or the name of the course in the search bar to access your syllabus. If more than one version is available, choose the latest one.

Start with the programme syllabus by searching for SAPS2, and then the first course.

Interruption of studies

If you want to interrupt (cancel) your studies kindly notify the education administrator: john.ohlson@lnu.se. This is very important as you will make room for students who are in the wait list!

Kind regards,


Program coordinator

Rickard Carlsson

+46 480 44 60 93



Education administrator

John Ohlson

+46 703 416987



Study adviser

Ingrid Bonnevier

+46-470-70 83 20



 Case Study Organization Coordinator

Maria Ingelsson Sgroi

+46 470 70 82 51



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