• Develop professional skills in an international environment
  • Within or outside your programme. Some programs have a semester when you can choose exchange studies or internship as part of your degree, then you can use this semester. It is also possible to do an internship during the summer vacation or just after you have finished your program at LNU. 
  • You are responsible for finding the internship place yourself. But if you do your internship within a country that are part of Erasmus you can apply for the Erasmus scholarship through Linnaues University. The requirements are that you have taken at least 45 hp before the exchange and that you stay min. 2 months and max. 12 months.

Erasmus Intern is a collection database for internships at various organizations and companies throughout Europe. The site is managed by Erasmus Student Network (ESN), an international non-profit student association. https://erasmusintern.org/

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